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Malta .. A homeland lives in a fort

Malta .. A homeland lives in a fort
Is it a volcano? Or are they North African islands thousands of years ago? The deer from the sun's glare

Although this distant and collectible in the brains of Malta thus turned into a homeland living within a large castle

Malta .. Malta .. Where is that country on the map I heard it before when the strong European teams rushing their team half a dozen and more goals and the other thing is the Malta fever and more is not there, I brought the map and searched until I found .

Nature of the country

The first question that was present was that it was not logical for this archipelago to be located on the African continent rather than Europe? But when was logic the standard in geography and history? Take these examples: Britain considers Gibraltar, which is part of the Spanish territory, Spain, and the regions of Ceuta and Melilla, located on the Moroccan coast, are also part of it 
The general description of Malta, which does not exceed an area of ​​316 square kilometers, including the capital Valletta is that it is an ancient country with narrow streets designed for a time that does not extend much to our time, never stray in its streets and all its features as if it is around you and not damaged, and these streets descend to Down the ground and then climb again, and in the rainy days these streets turn into dangerous slides, and make it worse that the streets are narrow enough to barely cross two cars in opposite directions and if a small accident freezes traffic in the entire area.

Improvements made to meet living comfort requirements such as heating, communications and sanitation have been accomplished in thin touches that the naked eye can hardly notice, a difficult task because most of the existing houses and buildings are forbidden to demolish. Within this rigid landscape, Malta does not have a modern city full of skyscrapers and towers. On the contrary, it is fairly simple, and its nightlife is in keeping with the tranquility of the country. It is far from the hustle and bustle of a few squeezed places in the San Julian area, where There is only Malta Cinema. Malta suffers from a lack of water because it is free of rivers, and the rains are scarce does not wet its saliva with fat country.


Malta relies mainly on buses to connect its cities and towns, and boats and ships complement the rest of the transportation network to facilitate the movement of people between its main islands. The Maltese passenger bus is distinguished by its colors and old-fashioned style that is unmatched in the world

Street names

In my humble opinion, the Maltese exaggerated the names of the areas where we traveled. Whenever we walked on a sidewalk we were told that you would be in such a town. The hand is separated by only a slim bay, but when we wander in the car or bus it becomes like playing a video on the highway, and all these names of contiguous areas of no more than two kilometers and three kilometers.
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