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Number of countries in the European Union

number of countries in the European Union

Number of countries in the European Union.

There are 28 countries in the European Union, the Union was established by the Treaty of Maastricht, which entered into force on 1 November 1993, which aims to unify foreign policy, security, and promoting political integration, and economic of the continent of Europe, by creating a single currency, which is the euro, it also aims to consolidate the foundations of common citizenship, and increasing cooperation on asylum, justice and migration. It is worth mentioning that the European Union in 2012 he received the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his efforts to establish peace, and democracy in Europe.

European Union countries .

In 1951, the EU was composed of only six countries: Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and France. Gradually over time, several countries began to join it, until the number of EU countries to 28 countries: Finland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Austria, the Netherlands, Estonia, Poland, Belgium, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, and Malta.

Information about the European Union.

Here are some information about the European Union:
  • The main objectives of the European Union are to ensure freedom, justice and security, And to confirm Europe's role in the world, the consolidation of European citizenship, And to promote economic progress, and social.
  • The capital of the European Union is Brussels, Belgium.
  • The European Union is governed by five main bodies: the European Commission, the Court of Auditors, the European Parliament, the Court of Justice and the Council of the Union.
  • The population of the European Union (EU) is estimated at 511.8 million people, according to 2017 estimates.
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